Saturday, September 26, 2015

First batch of Carthaginians

As I rebased the Romans for Adam, I also took the time to rebase my Carthaginians and finish them off. Only took a few hours, but somehow I never got to finish any of these units before. Now they're good to go!
 Italian Allies
 Numidian Light Cavalry
 Libyan Infantry
 Spanish Scutari
 Spanish Cavalry
Gaul Warband

Which leaves my skirmishers, Gaul Cavalry, Elephants and commanders ot be finished

15mm Cavalry: 28, Infantry:140

Total 2015:

  • 15mm:
    • Cavalry: 125
    • Infantry: 1105  
    • Guns/tanks/...: 123
  • 28 mm:
    • Infantry: 275
    • Cavalry: 13
    • Guns: 41

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