Thursday, May 16, 2013

More BUF and a shot of the finished petrol barrel

Here's a few more shots, I hope that I can get a few better ones soon.
BUF Armoured vehicles

Here are my two Anglican League Armoured cars, an Austin and an RNAS Rolls Royce (still needs some decals on the front though) 
Finished HMG with Castrol logo on the barrel.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

VBCW old and new images

Better pics of some models I published before, as well as some neat new pieces.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells  Cherry Tarts (wrong flag, I know, but it will do until Solway makes the correct one on fabric)

Anglican League Militia / Local Defense Volunteers

I thoroughly enjoy painting these Musketeer figures, they allow for a lot of extra little details.

Toff and  Gentleman's Gentleman

Extra Lewis gunners

These guys can easilybe fitted into any faction. At this stage, they'll join my 1 platoon of BUF


BUF Pz I (for Adam Carr) 

Flames of War: Early War French, Mid War British Motor Company with Kingforce Churchills and DAK, Late War German Kingtiger

Few bits and pieces plus my EW French forces

EW French Deep Reconnaisance company 

HQ: Panhard AMD-35
 Platoon I: Panhard AMD-35
 Platoon II: Panhard AMD-35
 Platoon III: Panhard AMD-35
 Platoon IV: Panhard AMD-35
Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 & ZT-3 platoon
 Hotchkiss H39 platoon
 Somua platoon
 Laffly W15 TXCC 47mm Portee platoon
 Fusilier platoon
 105mm L mle 1913 S artillery battery

British Kingforce Churchill III"s

 Universal carrier patrol
Motor HMG platoon
 Motor platoon
 RHA25pd battery
 German Kingtiger

 DAK Maultier
 Oberst Rettemeier

 Recce platoon
 Tobruk pits (DAK and Australian version)

Rome vs Carthage: Fields of Glory,part II: Hannibal's forces

This army is not fully completed yet, I will post more images over the next few weeks, as units are fully finished.

Spanish Infantry

  Spanish heavy cavalry

Numidian spearmen

Numidian light cavalry

Balearic slings