Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Loads of finished bits, (some) pics to follow later

It's been pretty hectic these last two weeks, and I've mainly been focusing on finishing off a number of half-finished projects, all in all a very mixed lot.
Then, the other big lot was Adam's 10 SU100's, 8 BA-64 Armoured cars and 3 ZSU M17 MGMCs.
The rest were relative quick finishing touches, including a 54mm Viking, 4 28mm Gladiators, 4 US Marines in Afghanistan and 3 Beastmen (as I said, a very mixed lot).
Update: I also finished off 4 Katyushas and crew, a Heavy Mortars platoon, and 2 AT gun platoons, plus some spare guns for Adam, as well as 15 Skaven for our Warhammer Campaign.
At this stage I'm only able to show images of the last batch of Soviets, the rest will be done eventually once The Shed is finished and I have my photocube set up (thanks Stef!). These images are taken with the new toy and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Total for the last few weeks:

  • 15mm
    • Guns, tanks: 37
    • Infantry: 98
  • 28mm
    • Infantry: 26
  • 54mm
    • Infantry: 1

Total 2014:

  • 54mm:
    • infantry: 3
  • 28mm:
    • Vehicles/guns/...: 5
    • Cavalry: 51
    • Infantry: 288
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles/guns/...: 273
    • Cavalry: 8
    • Infantry: 406