Saturday, September 28, 2013

More 15mm tanks

I took these pics quickly yesterday, and will replace them when I have some time to set up a better backdrop (especially the IDF tanks, as I'm painting up two forces for the Six Day War).
Below you can see the first batch of British WWII tanks painted for Scott Norwood, as per Market Garden specifications. Next for him will be a load of Rifle platoons, AA, 6pd guns and artillery, followed by more (winter) German units.

Sherman HQ

Sherman platoon 1

Sherman platoon 2

Challenger (Cromwells to follow)



 Universal Carriers

And here are the first pics of my Israeli IDF tank company for the upcoming Wargames Illustrated release for the Arab-Israeli war. Still need to put the decals on when they're released...

Centurion HQ
 Centurion Platoon 1
Sherman M50 platoon 1

Count for the last two weeks:
20 15mm tanks + 1 tank objective
23 28mm German WWII inf

Total so far:

  • 28mm:
    • Cavalry: 16
    • Infantry: 137
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles and tanks: 30

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colonials: British (Boer War) + counter

I forgot to take pics of Adam's Boer army, which I will try to remedy as soon as possible, but here are the first images of his opposition: British troops.

I also have decided to try and keep a bit track of how many models I've been painting.
For August and September, the count is:
Cavalry 16
Infantry: 114

Vehicles and tanks: 10

I'll try to keep track of it, I wonder what it looks like at the end of a year...

Sudan War: Mahdists

and here are the images of my first (personal) Colonial army: Mahdists.
All of the models are Perry (plastic for the fuzzies and Nile Arabs, metal for the artillery, personalities and cavalry/camelry).
The Mahdi

Osman Digna
Nile Arabs

 Fuzzy Wuzzies

 Nile Arab Skirmishers

 Fuzzy Wuzzy Skirmishers

Captured Egyptian Artillery

Nile Arab Cavalry

Fuzzy Camels

Saturday, September 14, 2013

28mm British WWII for Bolt Action/Chain of Command

I have been pretty busy painting, but didn't get any time to update this blog or add new images.
Since my last post I have painted a few Colonial armies for a great little set of rules by Andrew Parr.
I will try to add images of these guys as soon as possible. So far I've painted Mahdist troops, Boers and British.
We've also started to look into Chain of Command, rules for 28mm platoon level WWII games.
Here are some shots of the British and Germans in Normandy, and a few quick shots of our table from the game of last Friday (basically just a run through the rules)
British Infantry

German SS Infantry


Game 13/09/2013