Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finishing up some project

This was the week that I've finished up quite a few bits and pieces.
For one, my 28mm British and German troops are now finished: I've added a Pak40 to the Germans, and to balance the German Hetzer and SdKfz 251, the British now have access to a Cromwell and 2 Universal Carriers.
Adam's Jordanian Infantry + APC's, SP AA and objectives are finished, as well a a few 54mm Vikings (and one Norman) that I've painted for myself. Next in line are a few Christmas presents.

Adam's Jordanians

 and his objectives...
A few crew added to his jeep as well.

My own objectives, for my list for the upcoming Flames of War EW tournament 
 And De Gaulle, of course...

My 28mm British vehicles for Chain of Command
 and a German PaK 40

and some of my own 54mm figures:
 and a lone Norman...

Count for this week:
  • 54 15mm Infantry/Crew
  • 9 15mm Tanks/Guns/other vehicles/objectives
  • 5 28mm WWII infantry
  • 4 28mm British vehicles/guns WWII
  • 2 54mm figures

Total so far:
  • 54mm: 
    • Infantry: 2
  • 28mm:
    • Cavalry: 16
    • Infantry: 177
    • Vehicles: 6
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 62
    • Infantry: 257

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

British Rifle Company for Flames of War, Jordanians for Six Day War and some more 28mm Germans for WWII

A bit of a mixed lot, as it's been a while since I took some photos.
Most of my WWII GErmans are finished now (only 1 Pak40 left at this moment), and the majority of Adam's Jordanians is also finished. Scott received his British tanks last month, and this month I've put a decent dent in his infantry.
Scott's LW British Infantry Company
 Platoon 1
  Platoon 2
  Platoon 3
 CiC, 2iC, Piats and Snipers
 Stan Hollis VC

My own 28mm Germans for Chain of Command
  SdKfz 251 halftrack
 Platoon Commander and Panzerschreck
 Squad 1
 Squad 2

 Squad 3
Better images of my own IDF for Six Day War

Adam's Jordanians for Six Day War

Count for the last three weeks:
173 15mm Infantry/Crew
23 15mm Tanks/Guns/other vehicles
35 28mm Germans WWII
2 28mm German vehicles WWII

Total so far:
  • 28mm:
    • Cavalry: 16
    • Infantry: 172
    • Vehicles: 2
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 53
    • Infantry: 203