Saturday, November 30, 2013

more Boer War, and some 40K

A few more batches finished this week, unfortunately quite a few of the pics didn't turn out.
I finished off most of the missing items needed for my Khorne Chaos Marine army: 10 marines a Lord and Kharne, only thing left on the bench is a Juggernaut with a Lord.

Then, I finished off for Allan some more British vehicles and Commandos: Commando mortar team, HMG, and pack Howitzer, an M5 Stuart, an M10 Tank Destroyer and a Churchill. Only the last two turned out in  the pics, sadly enough.
 And for Adam I finished his last two units of standard British Boer War infantry.
Lastly, I painted 5 proxy tanks for my EW French army I need next weekend for a competition. Again, no pics.

Count for the last week:

  • 5 15mm Tanks/Guns/other vehicles/objectives
  • 54 28mm infantry
  • 6  28mm guns/tanks

Total so far this year:


  • Infantry: 2
  • Cavalry: 1


  • Cavalry: 50
  • Infantry: 298
  • Vehicles: 12


  • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 82
  • Infantry: 289

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Last touches on quite a few projects

The last few weeks I've been able to finish off quite a few different projects that I had running at the same time.
First off, this is the latest batch of Vostroyans I painted for Scott.

Then I finished off Scott Two's Cromwell tanks, as well as his 25pd Artillery Battery.

After all that, it was time for some of my own models, so I finished up basing my Norman lord, as well as a unit of 8 mounted warriors, and 8 Flemish mercenaries. Also a few models that I painted for friends were fully finished. Unfortunately the pics for most of these didn't turn out, I'll do them again at some stage in the future.

Back to work now! Adam can now add 2 more units of British to his Boer War collection.

This was a bit of a challenge: a 54mm Samurai.

After waiting for quite a while to get my hands on those fantastic Littlebigmenstudios transfers for the Normans, I was also able to finish off 24 Mounted Warriors for Chris.
and, lastly: 22 WWII British Commandos for Allan. There will be more to add to these as well soon, including some vehicles...

Let's do the sums and add these to the previous balance:

Count for the last few weeks:

  • 32 15mm Infantry/Crew
  • 15 15mm Tanks/Guns/other vehicles/objectives
  • 67 28mm infantry
  • 34 28mm cavalry
  • 1 54mm cavalry figures

Total so far this year:

  • 54mm: 
    • Infantry: 2
    • Cavalry: 1
  • 28mm:
    • Cavalry: 50
    • Infantry: 244
    • Vehicles: 6
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 77
    • Infantry: 289