Saturday, April 28, 2012

Normans again...

we're geting there! 2 more platoons of mounted Norman Warriors after these guys and Adam's list will be sorted out!
Finished another lot of my Welsh infantry as well, but the images will have to wait until next week.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Normans, Welsh and 1940 French Artillery

Some pieces that were finished off over the last week and even early this morning.
Up to 4 points worth of Welsh are painted now, and Adam can field 3 points of Norman mounted Hearthguard, 1 point levy archers and some foot warriors AND William the Bastard/Conqueror.
The majority of Gary's French are in colour too now, leaving only his vehicles and 3 units of voltigeurs.

William the Conqueror (Adam Carr)
Mounted Norman Hearthguard (Adam Carr)

 Welsh Warlord (own army)

 Welsh Hearthguard (own army)
 Second model from the left is the guy who sold me on this army... Clearly the fact that you don't have any decent armour, shields or weapons doesn't mean you can't have attitude!
Welsh Warriors (own army)

French 155mm Artillery Battery (Gary P.)
French  75mm Artillery Battery (Gary P.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dark Age Normans and Welsh and some French 1940 figs

Pretty good haul this week, I was able to finish of Adam's first 4 mounted Hearthguard (Crusader miniatures, great range for Dark Ages), as well as his peasant bowmen.
They may look like peasants but the spearmen are Welsh warriors, the first for my own army for Saga.

Church scratch-built by Roger Scott. If interested in buildings like these, feel free to contact me, Roger makes the occasional piece of terrain. 


And lastly, I have been able to finish of Gary P.'s first batch of French troops for Flames of War: his HQ, as well as 45mm AT gun platoon, Mortar platoon and an HMG platoon. Artillery, 3 infantry platoons, tanks and SP AA guns to follow!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

... and more Vampire Counts and French Foreign Legion

this time a FFL Sapper platoon, and a few odds and ends for the Vampire Counts (Ghostly Cavalry, Bat swarms, Eternity Stairs (please don't ask my opinion on the quality of this GW product...), and a Vampire Lord).
Next: French 1940 Infantry and motorcycle platoons, as well as Norman archers and Cavalry, and Welsh (I really need some sheep to go with them...)

 FFL Sapper Platoon