Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dark Age Normans and Welsh and some French 1940 figs

Pretty good haul this week, I was able to finish of Adam's first 4 mounted Hearthguard (Crusader miniatures, great range for Dark Ages), as well as his peasant bowmen.
They may look like peasants but the spearmen are Welsh warriors, the first for my own army for Saga.

Church scratch-built by Roger Scott. If interested in buildings like these, feel free to contact me, Roger makes the occasional piece of terrain. 


And lastly, I have been able to finish of Gary P.'s first batch of French troops for Flames of War: his HQ, as well as 45mm AT gun platoon, Mortar platoon and an HMG platoon. Artillery, 3 infantry platoons, tanks and SP AA guns to follow!

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