Saturday, November 30, 2013

more Boer War, and some 40K

A few more batches finished this week, unfortunately quite a few of the pics didn't turn out.
I finished off most of the missing items needed for my Khorne Chaos Marine army: 10 marines a Lord and Kharne, only thing left on the bench is a Juggernaut with a Lord.

Then, I finished off for Allan some more British vehicles and Commandos: Commando mortar team, HMG, and pack Howitzer, an M5 Stuart, an M10 Tank Destroyer and a Churchill. Only the last two turned out in  the pics, sadly enough.
 And for Adam I finished his last two units of standard British Boer War infantry.
Lastly, I painted 5 proxy tanks for my EW French army I need next weekend for a competition. Again, no pics.

Count for the last week:

  • 5 15mm Tanks/Guns/other vehicles/objectives
  • 54 28mm infantry
  • 6  28mm guns/tanks

Total so far this year:


  • Infantry: 2
  • Cavalry: 1


  • Cavalry: 50
  • Infantry: 298
  • Vehicles: 12


  • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 82
  • Infantry: 289

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