Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last post of the year...

... and the pics turned out pretty badly. To the point that I decided not to upload them, I will take some more pics after the holidays when I do more models that fit with the units I've just finished.

Here's an overview of what was painted between the last post and now:

Dystopian Legion: 4 tanks, and 5 infantry models.
Judge Dredd: 4 infantry
Boer War: 8 mounted Dragoons

Six Days War: 9 tanks
Imperial Japanese Army: 106 infantry

This finishes off 2013 at the following total:


  • Infantry: 2
  • Cavalry: 1


  • Cavalry: 58
  • Infantry: 303
  • Vehicles: 16


  • Vehicles/Tanks/Guns: 91
  • Infantry: 395

Next year's count should be quite different, as I only started to keep track of the number of figs painted late this year.

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