Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project: 40K Ork Trukk

Jurryt asked me to put some pics on the blog of the Trukk I painted for him. The following pics show the project, step by step:

First pics were taken after the model was assembled, undercoated in black primer, fully drybrushed with boltgun metal, and panels were picked out with Mechrite Red.

Next, the red panels received a coat of Vallejo Flat Red

Then, parts were picked out in GW Foundation Iyanden Yellow

Followed by Vallejo Felat Yellow

Vallejo Brass was used to give all of the brass/golden parts a coat.

Then, a few panels were picked out and received a few coats of white

These panels were then filled in with a very thin permanent marker, to create the checkered effect.

Once this was done, I added some weathering to the trukk by drybrushing small parts with boltgun to show the metal underneath the paint where the trukk had been hit and dented in the past.

Here you see the model fully finished, with all crew painted. After this, the whole trukk and crew received a generous coat of ArmyPainter Dark, followed be a few coats of matt varnish to get rid of the gloss.

Stef, can you take a few nice pics of the trukk with a fitting background to post here?

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  1. Hey Sven,

    Thanks again for a great B-Day present and an awesome paintjob!