Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Finnish tanks, Romanian Cavalry and a full MW Eastern Front Panzer Company1

Been a bit since the last images, but here's the update!
I've painted three platoons for Adam's Finnish army, finished off my Romanian artillery battery and also painted a full 1500pt Panzer company for mid war. I'm very happy about the way these turned out, they're based on the 11. Panzerdivision, and painted in the camouflage used in autumn 1941 on the Eastern Front.
Looking forward to using these guys, I played against this list on the Australian Grand Tournament this year, and I did get a serious beating from them (Thanks, Sean). This was also the list that won the GT.
The only thing that's missing is 1 HS129, which I will try to fix up as soon as possible.

Finnish Pz IV's (Adam Carr)

Finnish Pz IV's (Adam Carr)

Finnish Armoured Cars (Adam Carr)

Finnish T34 (Adam Carr)

Finnish T26 (Adam Carr)

Romanian Artillery (own army)

HQ: Pz III L and IV F1 (own army)

Platoon 1: 3 Pz III J (late) and 1 Pz III J (early) (own army)

Platoon 2: 2 Pz IV F2 and 1 PzIV F1 (own army)

Recce Platoon: 2 8-rads (own army)

Tank Destroyers 3 Marder III 7.62 (own army)

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