Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a bit of everything...

sadly enough, I'm again unable to post pics of everything I've painted.
Up until today, 11 15mm Soviet Early War tanks, 8 28mm British Boer War cavalry, 2 54mm Gladiators, 22 15mm French Early WWII motorcycle combo (no images of these 4 lots...), 20 28mm British Commandos WWII and 20 28mm Normans.

British Commandos

Dark Ages Normans

I also wanted to include these 2 images that I took of the Japanese Infantry I painted last year. The pics didn't turn out then, so I wanted to take a few extra pics of them.

  • Infantry: 2

  • Cavalry: 8
  • Infantry: 40

  • Vehicles: 52
  • Infantry: 65

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