Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tanks, tanks and nothing but tanks (*apart from a few tankettes...)

Ok.. this week was armour-week.
A load of British vehicles, with more to be finished over the next few days (hopefully with images later this week).
Russian T26 1933's for Adam.

My own first 2 Japanese tankettes Type 94. A few more units of tanks to follow here...

Total for the week (I'll add all the British tanks later on)
15mm Vehicles: 15

Total 2014:

  • 54mm:
    • infantry: 2
  • 28mm:
    • Vehicles/guns/...: 5
    • Cavalry: 8
    • Infantry: 150
  • 15mm:
    • Vehicles/guns/...: 125
    • Infantry: 239

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