Sunday, April 5, 2015

Double batch of Judge Dredd figs

I also finished Chris' next lot of 5 Judges. While I did them, I also painted my own Judges, but with a different colourscheme (mine follows the colours of the comics, so more gold and less yellow...)

Chris' Judges

My Judges:

I also finished off another load of 15mm WWII Dutch for David. Again no pics since he is doing his own basing, but I hope to have a game against him during which I'll try to take some pics of the finished army.

28mm: 11 foot
15mm: 117 infantry and 16 guns

Total 2015:

  • 15mm 
    • Cavalry: 33
    • Infantry: 346
    • Guns/tanks/...: 32
  • 28 mm:
    • Infantry: 73
    • Cavalry: 13
    • Guns: 4

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