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Images of previous Flames of War units and armies

Early War Fallschirmjager (own army)

This is still a work in progress, although there are only a few more units to go (artillery, pioneers, HMG and Mortars). The uniforms are based on the early war type of jumpsmock that was used at Eben Emael and Crete.

Fallschirmjager HQ with Light Mortar Teams
Fallschirmjager Combat Platoon 1
Fallschirmjager Combat Platoon 2

Fallschirmjager Combat Platoon 3 (dug in Fallschirmjager from Command Decision)

Fallschirmjager 7.5cm LG40 platoon

Fallschirmjager AA gun platoon (this is actually a late war Quad AA gun platoon, but painted up in Early War colors). Wrong, yes, but I prefer the look of this gun over the standard 2cm FlaK38 gun.

Fallschirmjager Pak36 AT gun platoon
Fallschirmjager 10.5cm NbW35 Heavy Mortar platoon 

Gebirgsjager (own army)

I started with these miniatures using Grenadier lists, until the official pdf was released. I have all the models to field it either as early, mid or late war, although  I might have to 'loan' a unit from my other German armies every now and then. I always liked the slightly different look of these guys, with lots of Feldmutze and the Edelweiss badges (and yes, I have painted the badges on sleeves and caps, thank you very much!)

Gebirgsjager HQ with PanzerSchreck and HMG section

Gebirgsjager Combat Platoon 1 with Light Mortar Team
Gebirgsjager Combat Platoon 2 with Light Mortar Team
Gebirgsjager Combat Platoon 3 with Light Mortar Team
Gebirgsjager Pioneer Platoon
Gebirgsjager Mortar Platoon

Gebirgsjager HMG Platoon
Gebirgsjager PaK40 AT Platoon
Gebirgsjager 10.5cm leFH18 Platoon
Gebirgsjager Pak38 AT Platoon
Gebirgsjager 2cm FlaK38 Light AA Platoon
Gebirgsjager Heavy Mortar Platoon

Early War Panzer Company (for Adam Carr)

Pz IV D's

 Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad) platoon
  8.8cm FlaK18 (Sfl)'s
 Panzer 38 (t)'s
 Panzer 35 (t)'s
 Pz II's
 Command platoon with Rommel, Panzerbefehlwagen and an add-on Pz II and 38(t)
 Pz I B's
Miscellaneous German units/vehicles

Luftwaffe Field Division 88's
German Snipers

Hetzer platoon, from Forged in Battle

Sdf 250's.

Sdf 250's
Sdf 250

German SS Schwimmwagen

SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Viktor Graebner
SS-Panzerspah Platoon with Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm)

Light SS-Panzerspah Platoon with Sd Kfz 222's

Heavy SS-Panzerspah Platoon with Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)

Halftrack cannons from Peter Pig

4 Wespe

4 Marder

German Opel Blitz trucks
Looted Soviet trucks

Deep Reconnaisance Squadron

Panhard AMD 35 HQ
Indian Rifle Company

British Commonwealth (Indian) Rifle Company, MW
Indian HQ and 2 Blacker Bombards

 Three Indian Rifle Platoons

 Indian Rifle Platoon

Indian Rifle Platoon

Indian Vickers HMG Platoon

 Indian Pattern Carriers

Eight Army
Eight Army Rifle Platoon

Eight Army Vickers HMG Platoon

Eight Army 2pd AT Platoon
Heavy Mortar Platoon

 17/25 Pound Guns

25pd Artillery Battery, Royal Horse Artillery
 Two units of Matildas

 6pd guns

Heavy Armoured Company

 Company HQ and 2 Platoons

HQ and Pip Roberts

 Troop A

 Troop B
M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon

Early War Italian Tank Company

M13/40 tank Company

Early/Mid/Late War Italian Fucilieri (for Adam Carr)

Fucilieri HQ

Fucilieri Combat platoons
Some Italian guns

4 Italian PaK40's

Late War Soviet Tankovy Batalon (own army, later sold to Adam Carr)

Plastic Soldier 15mm Russian T-34's.
Command tank

 First Company, 5 T 34/85 and 5 T 34's, plus riders

 Second Company, 5 T 34/85 and 4 T 34's, plus riders

Captured German tanks

Early War Polish Pulk Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej (for Adam Carr)

Most of these infantry models aren't Battlefront, I think Adam bought them from Command Decision.To create the look of the leather coats I dullcoated the models first, then painted a layer of satin varnish over the coats and boots, which gave them a slightly glossy effect.

Vickers Tank Platoon with 3 Vickers E Type B and 2 Vickers E type A

Czolgow Platoon of 5 7TP jw's

Crashed Typhoon Objective
Destroyed Lorraine Schlepper Objective

British Middle Eastern Objectives

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