Saturday, May 4, 2013

Images of previously painted Saga units

These miniatures were painted for the Saga ruleset.
All of my own models were purchased from War and Peace games, who stock a lot of 28mm historical figs, and Ian's a pleasure to deal with. Good prices and very fast delivery!
(All of the banner and shield decals are done by Littlebigmenstudios. Expensive? Perhaps, but they DO finish off your models to a very high standard!)

Welsh (own army)

 Second model from the left is the guy who sold me on this army... Clearly the fact that you don't have any decent armour, shields or weapons doesn't mean you can't have attitude!


Adam Carr's Normans





Levy archers

My own Vikings

I waited to post the images of these Vikings until I was fully finished with the whole army. I am pretty sure I will not need to add any more models to this bunch for Saga, unless the upcoming Jomsviking list has any surprises... I have 3 different warlords, including a few personalities, 4 sets of 4 Hearthguard (allowing to be used as standard Hearthguard, Berserkers and Varangian Guard), Jomsviking mercenaries, 4 sets of 8 Warriors and a single bunch of 12 Levies (I don't expect to take more than a single point of slaves in a list, lest they take away the glory kills of my Free men!)


 Harald Hardradda

 Ragnar Lodbrok (aka Hairy-pants)
 Egil Skalagrimsson


Varangian Guard with Swords
Varangian Guard with Two-handed Axes







Jarl Sigvaldi and his Jomsvikings 

Fatigue Tokens
Although Saga comes with a sheet of Fatigue tokens that you can print up, i prefer 'proper' counters. I had two sets of Armypainter Bodyparts sitting in a box for over six months now, and now I finally found a use for them!
Save us, oh Lord, from the fury of the Northmen!

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